I have

I have written this line

a thousand times, and

I’ll write it

a thousand more.

Until the day that I can find

What life really has in store

Ever since that day out there,

in the desert sun

far from my mind

you have not been

whether in sadness

or in fun.

Or when I’m bored

or when I’m cranky,

when I’m tired,

when I’m happy,

when I’m sad or mad,

or feeling a little sappy.

Or when I’m just plain


or having the best day

I’ve ever had.

You’re never far from my mind,

In case I didn’t make it clear–

And that’s the line I’ve written

again and again and again,

And I’ll write it all a thousand more,

once we get to begin.

Some Days

Some days I write a lot, and others

not as much

Some days verse comes like Niagara,

powerful, heavy rush

Some days it’s like a spigot,

not quite on, but not quite off,

slowly tapping, dripping, splashing

into a deep, and yawning trough.

But it’s important to remember,

that even the most powerful, raging streams

always start as drips,

waterfalls in their dreams.


You Gotta

You gotta have the lows to appreciate the highs,

and you gotta be on the ground to appreciate the sky,

you gotta have fast to appreciate slow,

and you gotta have STOP to appreciate GO

You gotta have a left to appreciate the right,

and you gotta have day to appreciate the night.

You gotta once be weak to appreciate being strong,

and you gotta once be short, to appreciate long.

You gotta know empty, to appreciate full,

and you gotta be the matador to appreciate the bull.

You gotta be wrong, to appreciate right,

and you gotta be the villain to appreciate the Knight.

You have to once attack, to appreciate defend,

an you gotta have a beginning, to appreciate the end.

Numero Uno

There won’t be many posts that are only prose, but this one will be one of them. I started this to give me a creative writing outlet. Since grade school I can always remember thinking in poems, and wanted a place to put them.

This blog is really for me, but if you’re here and reading,  I hope you can enjoy it as well.